Alonso Owns the Go-Kart Track

I mean, obviously Fernando wins. And despite what Kottke says, it didn’t look to me like he had any trouble taking over the lead. He was just waiting for the right moment.

I’m not Fernando Alonso’s biggest fan, mostly because of the way he behaved during his half season at McLaren with Lewis Hamilton, but I’m pretty convinced that he’s been the best driver in the field since Schumacher retired the first time. Kimi will drive anything to its limits. Lewis can thrash his car just a bit faster than its limits (while his crew crosses their fingers that the tires hold out). But Fernando can get more out of a car than anyone else in the pit lane thinks is possible.

Even if it’s a go-kart.

A Beginner at the Grand Prix

I arrived at the 2015 Montreal Grand Prix by way of poutine. Invited along by a few motorsport enthusiast friends, I got involved with the outing under a theory of “why not?” I had never been to Montreal, I am steadfastly committed to the art of regional french fry specialties, and I enjoy a unique cultural experience. So, why not head to Canada for an elite racing event with one of the world’s largest audiences, run by a crazy billionaire dictator of a CEO?


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How Giedo van der Garde got Sauber to Pay Him $16 Million

My favorite part of the entire Giedo van der Garde kerfuffle is the way the appellate court cites to the lower court’s judgment:

Giedo van der Garde BV v Sauber Motorsport AG [2015] VSC 80 (‘Reasons’).

In other words, van der Garde literally won because reasons. Which is probably a pretty accurate reflection of how most people view legal reasoning, after all. But van der Garde’s lawsuit gave him the leverage to persuade Sauber to pay him $16 million—twice his initial investment—so let’s take a closer look.

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